Apps Store UI Concept

Apps Store UI Concept figma free download

Apps Store UI Concept is Figma mockup freebie. 

Creating the right app store design can be hard. You have to meet the requirements of your users and developers, and at the same time make the those experiences look “great” or “clean” or whatever word everyone else chooses to use :). Your app store design can vary widely depending on your company and goals.

Of all the buzz terms, we like User Centered Design. A philosophy from the University of California that puts users at the center of the design process. The goal is designing products real people can use with ease, for example without needing a manual. 

Luckily you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. There are some great examples of quality app store design and you can use them as a starting point. Here are some of the best examples we’ve seen along with what we like and what they do uniquely well.

This Kit provide 3 screens to begin your applications store design. Like all other programs nowadays it has dark interface. Your account menu is on your left in a popup menu. Also, there you will find your account settings. The second screen is a product page of an app. Finally, the third screen is something like a news feed of apps and trends.

Feel free to use this freebie for your personal project ideas!

Apps Store UI Concept for Figma made Abdul Syukur

Enjoy this minimalistic UI freebie for Figma! It is super stylish and eye-catchy, with perfect color contrast. It will definitely improve the look of your app design or maybe will inspire you to create and design more!

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