Online Cloud Storage

Online Cloud Storage

Online Cloud Storage is Figma mockup freebie. 

This is a design of online cloud app. Cloud storage works in a simple way. Instead of saving your files onto your PC, or backing up to an external hard drive, you save them online on the cloud. This lets you access them from any computer by logging into your cloud account. If you update a file from one computer, you’ll see the changes on another PC. No matter how much you love your laptop, nothing is as important as the data you have saved on its hard drive. If you lose or damage your laptop, you could potentially lose thousands of digital photos, important files, or your entire music collection.

This app secures your important data. Also you can customize your folders (you can choose their color and set privacy) .


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Feel free to use this freebie for your personal projects!

Online Cloud Storage for Figma made Neelesh Chaudhary.

Enjoy this UI freebie for Figma! It is super useful! Save all of your important data like documents and photos.

From the author

Hello Everyone!

I decided to design new and minimal cloud storage app designs for those who want to save there lots of important data like documents, images, video and more. This app also secures your data and helps to manage all data in customized folders in which you can choose the colours of each folder and set privacy. Also, you can easily download data offline.”

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