Floating Share Button

Floating Share Button

Floating Share Button is Figma mockup freebie. 

This freebie is a floating button created and animated in Figma. The interactive elements are super eye-catchy, but most importantly they are super easy to use. Now is your time to become interactive! It is super useful, and super easy. The interactive buttons save space on the phone screen and look very good. You can have all the options you want for share like Facebook, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Pinterest or Telegram. The interactive mobile apps are much more eye-catchy than the others. And, of course, the animated elements could save so much space like in this case – you can put all the icons of the social apps on the screen or you can put only one button for share and only if you click on it – it will show all the other apps.


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Feel free to use this freebie for your personal projects!

Floating Share Button for Figma made Denys Serhiienko.

Enjoy this UI freebie for Figma! It is super useful! Perfect for your mobile app design! The interactive buttons save space and make the look of your app much better.

From the author

“Hi everyone! Today I’d like to share with you, a new figmashot! It’s a floating share button created and animated in figma. Figma file is attached, so you can check it out!”

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