iOS Browser UI Kit

iOS Browser UI Kit

iOS Browser UI Kit for Safari and Chrome is Figma mockup freebie. 

This freebie contains light and dark version of the top and the bottom browsers. And not only that! Also contains keyboards with letters and numbers for Safari and Chrome. Everything you need for Browser UI Kit in one set.

Your website can now look perfect just like you want, if you make the effort and choose the right elements. Every element is important, so take your time and make everything perfect for you and of course for your customers! You can choose the version of this freebie that will best suit your web design and improve its appearance depending on the browser in which it is open. Also you can choose the version (light or dark), if you want Safari or Chrome browser and if you want it to be for iPhone 8 or X. You have all you need in this browser pack.


  • 1 Figma file
  • Light version
  • Dark version
  • iPhone 8 and iPhone X versions
  • Keyboards with letters and numbers
  • Safari version
  • Google Chrome version
  • 3 battery kits (10%, 50% and 75%)

Feel free to use this freebie for your personal and commercial projects!

iOS Browser UI Kit for Safari and Chrome for Figma made Andreas Storm.

Download freebie

Enjoy this freebie for Figma. It definitely contains everything you need for your web design if you want it to be perfect!

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