Duo Tone Web Design

Duo Tone Web Design is Figma mockup freebie. 

So you needed a clean and beautiful template for your agency’s website? Here it is!Completely free to use, delivered with the user interface kit, you’ll use it as easy as you made your coffee this morning.

An interior design/artistic styled website that’s image light and font focused with components you can easily drag and drop to create new pages.The website design is unique in that you can completely change the look by simply changing the 2 colors, which you can see in action on the ‘Examples’ page.

This is modern design for your personal work space. This is an innovative web template. Therefore it will help you to improve the overall vision of your brand. It is fully editable UI file. It’s super easy to customize and with modern and super clean professional design. And this is due to the color plate chosen for the design. This template is perfect for you and, of course, for your professional projects and website. 

The web work space should be clear, elegant and, of course, easy to use. If you are looking for web template like that, this is the perfect freebie for you!


  • 2 Screens
  • 4 Color Palettes
  • 25 Elements

Feel free to use this freebie for your personal project ideas!

Duo Tone Web Design for Figma made

Download freebie

Enjoy this UI freebie for Figma! The design is clear and elegant so it could improve the look of any website and app design! Super modern design for your work space!

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