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Filled Icons For Everything is Figma freebie.

Icons have a significant role in giving you the first impression of a site or application interface. But it takes a lot of time and money to develop them. Using icons on your site allows you to effectively communicate with your visitors. Also, when it comes to icon design, this is a great way to showcase designer qualifications. A sweet, nice icon pack is an instrument to build up your reputation online. Therefore, it is worth paying attention to this icon pack.

Most important, this pack is a modern project which guarantees your success. Icons will help you to increase the site or app readability. Use in website, android, or iOS project. Though these icons will reduce text volume. Make your message understandable without text. Also, icons can add personalization to your product. Last, but not least: one of the most important is to help users intuitively understand the application both at the first acquaintance and during subsequent use. 

Russian designer Sergey Chikin has been drawing icons for over three years, adding a new one daily. Icons pass through a ruthless social filter. Bullshit doesn’t get into the set.

Chikin Icons For Everything is a unique handcrafted icon set for everything: heart eyes skull — check, alien ice cream — no problem, Freddy Krueger — you got it. First available in Figma and exclusively in our plugin.


226 free icons for personal and commercial use. These are popular user interface pictographs such as arrows, contacts, carts, calendars, directory, etc.

Over 1200 icons are available by lifetime commercial licenses. This includes all future icons. *PAID*

20 diverse categories to choose from. Food icons that are perfect for the restaurant or party menu, clothing item pictograms for organizing wardrobe cabinets, images of animals to be used for stickers and kids games.

Available in SVG, including free icons. Resize them with no quality loss.

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