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Finance News App Concept figma

Finance News App Concept is Figma freebie. 

Are you interested in building a news app for you or your clients? 

News apps have become a must-have application type because there is so much happening all around us, and keeping abreast with news is something that people do regularly on their mobiles. 

News app templates get you up and running quickly because all the programming has been done for you, so all you need to do is follow the documentation instructions to get set up. 

This template organize news into a few broad categories, allow users to save news stories they want to read later in a favourites list, and have a powerful search feature that helps them find relevant news stories quickly and easily. 

You can save news that interests you to read later. You can build your own newsfeed by choosing news categories and topics you care about, search content that you have read in the past, share articles on social media, and save articles.

The freebie has the perfect color contrast. It will definitely improve the look of your design project! The freebie contains simple illustrations and cards composition. You will find out how this matching tool can help you achieve your goals. Discover courses and enjoy this figma ui kit!

Online Learning Figma App made Jayesh Borda

Enjoy this minimalistic UI freebie for Figma! It is super stylish and eye-catchy, with perfect color contrast. It will definitely improve the look of your app design or maybe will inspire you to create and design more!

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