Hand Drawn Wireframe Kit

Hand Drawn Wireframe Kit Figma Free download
Hand Drawn Wireframe Kit is a Figma freebie. 

Web design is not only about visual aesthetics. It is also about functionality and usability. So, it is important you take care of your website’s usability just like how you take care of its visual aesthetics.

Wireframing helps you achieve this purpose. Continuously A wireframe is a visual guide for web designers to see the skeletal structure of their website. It pretty much resembles blueprints that architects use.

Wireframes are important because this is how you communicate your ideas to your team, client, or even to yourself – you don’t want to get lost in your ideas, after all.

Moreover Low fidelity wireframes are sketches of the page layout and the basic navigation. The goal of a low fidelity wireframe is to give you a general sense of the hierarchy of information. The placement of major components on the screen, and the general flow of interaction.

Above are a few good examples of wireframes with low fidelity and download this Figma Free UI Wireframe kit with hand drawn style.

Nowadays, more and more designers are moving away from Photoshop to utilize other software. When you want to make a prototype, you can simply edit the content right inside Figma and collaborate easily with your peers. Also, if you want to go further than the prototype, you could build a fully- featured app with web components and a backend.

Wireframing with low fidelity is the simplified way of creating a site’s structure without any strains.

Hand Drawn Wireframe Kit made 

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