User Flow Diagram Template

user flow diagram template freebie figma

User Flow Diagram Template is a Figma freebie. 

User flow visual includes all the various interactions users should have on your site. Your product and UX teams should determine how they want users to navigate your site. For instance, taking into account the users’ needs. 

User flow diagrams are used primarily by product and UX teams to figure out the flow of a website or application after you’ve thought about the customer experience and user needs. In other words, to best understand these needs and the experience you want your customers to have, it’s important to map and visualize them.

This kit contains all needed shapes and arrows to design your best diagram. Moreover, all elements are vectors and easy for edit – colors and texts.

Also, once you have your  diagram figured out, you have a more concrete and usable user journey that can inform business practices from here on out. Therefore, you’ll better understand your customers and be able to better provide them with a successful journey—not just through your website or application but through the life cycle of experiencing your product and company. 

User Flow Diagram Template made 

Enjoy this freebie! 

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