User Flow Figma Diagrams

User Flow Figma Diagrams Template for Free

Today we’d like to share a special freebie with you User Flow Figma Diagrams ready to be download. This free Figma asset was create to help you speed up your design process. Feel free to use them in you next web or mobile project.

From the author

“A bit different shot for me. I tried out several of the more comprehensive user flow templates available for Figma and decided they either didn’t do what I needed or did way more than I needed so I’ve been working to build my own. 🙂 Since there might be someone else out there who would find this useful, here’s the fig files for you to play around with. All of the components are on the symbols page for reference. If you find this helpful give me a shout!”

User Flow Figma Diagrams freebie was designed 

Download freebie
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