Circular Carousel UI Library

Circular Carousel UI Library is a Swift resource.

Tap or swipe mobile gestures? Which gesture should you include in your mobile app UI design?

Usability is an essential aspect of mobile app UI design. As users expect superior ease and functionality from mobile touch mechanics, so clickable buttons are being replaced by mobile gestures.

Animation in mobile UI design has had a rebirth thanks to gestures that give users more control over their device actions. In the beginning, there were only a few basic movements. But now, iOS designers have a wide range of mobile gestures to play with: from tap and touch to swipe, slide, pinch and drag. Not to mention combinations of gestures like double taps and long pressing.

Each gesture contributes to a specific device action. Some offering similar interactions. With so many to choose from, it can be difficult to know which to use and when – this goes for users and designers alike.

A unique low level infinitely scrollable carousel. Supports unique effects and custom edits. Written with Swift5 and running on a UIScrollView. Moreover, we have created a very unique example of how to take advantage of the carousel.

Finally, this carousel combines simplicity and ease of design to create your own custom controls.

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