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Restaurant Page Template is a HTML freebie.

A restaurant website is the best way for potential customers to find out about your restaurant. Once you get your website up and running – potential customers can see what type of cuisine you specialize in. Also, see the meals and dishes you offer, as well as get a feel for the atmosphere in your restaurant.

What’s more, customers can often make a reservation right on your restaurant website. They can leave reviews that help other customers with their decision to stop by and try your meals.

Creating engaging, information-rich content for your readers, however, is only half of the job. When it comes to web design, there are a variety of different factors to look atfrom font sizes and text width to hierarchy and calls-to-action.

The designer was keen to activate different techniques of visual perception via headline, images, background, and copy block. That’s why users could get the basic information immediately and got a warm feeling of freshly cooked meals. Harmony is the style provided by the webpage: beige background, branding element, and Book button as elements of a header.  Moreover, a strong and clear headline establishing positive emotional message, visual elements enabling immediate perception of the theme and setting strong visual association with tasty pastry, short text block describing basic benefits of the product and clearly visible call to action. Bon appetit!

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