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Art History Mobile App Design is a Photoshop resource.

One of the challenges museums face today is how to stay relevant and connected with their audiences. It’s necessary to continue to appeal to a younger generation. It’s important that museums come up with creative technological solutions to communicate to a broader group of people.

This app is suitable for many different types of visitors. All screens has groups of layers. Also, every visitor is able to receive just the right information of their choice. It does’t matter if you’re young or old, a quick browser or a real art fanatic; everything is possible! 

This app allows you to discover galleries, exhibitions and museums along with all the information you need for your next cultural experience. Find the perfect artwork, contact art galleries and bid on live auctions on the go. It allows you to stay up to date with exhibitions. Also, browse the masterpieces at a high resolution and read about artwork’s history. Moreover, you can readi interviews to the experts in the field. You can also download wallpaper, screensavers and other content for your smartphone. Finally, ideal reading for your commute!


  • 27 screens
  • Photoshop layers
  • Fonts included

Above all each layout demonstrate latest design trends for Art Apps.

EArt History Mobile App Design freebie was designed Rajesh Rajput

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