3D iPhone 13 Mockup

3D iPhone 13 Mockup psd

3D iPhone 13 Mockup is PSD mockup freebie. 

If you wonder what is an isometric, let we explain! Isometric is a shape that has equal dimensions and when the same shape is used to draw a 3D mock-up PSD file, then that means that you can use it to create products like physical accessories and / or services to be used on a medium such as iPhone 13. Isometric 3D files work great for developers and designers who are passionate about creating new things every other day and it helps them share their ideas etc. in a better and more effective way too.

However, there are things like beautiful covers, cases, wallpapers and backgrounds that you can create for iPhone 13 and showcase them individually using our free isometric 3D mock-up PSD file.

That is all from our end, you guys! We hope that you had a great time reading our blog and that you will find the mock-up PSD file in an isometric 3D format super useful to create designs etc. for Apple iPhone 13.


  • 1 PSD file
  • Dimensions: 2532 x 1170 px
  • File size: 23 MB

3D iPhone 13 Mockup made 

Enjoy this mockup for PSD! It is super useful and easy to use! The design has a super simple look and in this way your design or presentation will stand out on the screen. Finally, show your work to everyone!

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