Russian Vibes Posters

Russian Vibes Posters PSD

Russian Vibes Posters Mockups is a Photoshop freebie.

Everyone is used to seeing the design on mocaps with a beautiful ready-made scene, where the light is lined up and all the objects are in their proper places. Typically such mockups have monochrome colors and clean. minimalistic surfaces. But have you ever wondered how this design would look in real life? Math the non-ideal lighting, dirty houses and roads? You can show the reality in which your beautiful design will be. Moreover, you will be able to see it on the basis of the RUSSIAN VIBE.

Here photos from some personal archive and put on them mockups. Continuously, these mockups are available so that you can by to put your layout in the harsh reality where your design may be in the future.
This project is an irony of contrasting modem design with the environment in which it is placed and in which we live. Mockups from the Russian Vibe series, which you can use to showcase you project for free. Finally, all you have to do is place your work on Smart Layers, hit Save and you’re ready.


  • 16 separate PSD Files
  • Smart Layers File
  • High quality mockups
  • Vertical and Horizontal
Russian Vibes Posters Mockups design
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