Illustrations of Happy People

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Illustrations of Happy People is Illustrator freebie.

Illustrations help users better understand a product, site, or app. Above all, The use of characters helps convey information. It shows the necessary actions or navigation you want the viewer to take. It makes the product appear more original and friendly. Animated characters and elements in the user interface design. Also, create a micro interaction between user and character.  The use of textures will also make illustrations look more lively. 

Custom illustrations featuring people are one of the biggest design trends for the recent year or two. Moreover, they quickly set the associations, show processes and create emotional appeal. Therefore, this year illustrators push the horizons and show lots of creativity based on broken proportions and original shapes.

Motion is life – sometimes it feels like one of the key messages that graphic designers want to transfer with their creations. Represents work process, dynamic activities and sports are on top of themes for illustrations. In this direction, digital artists often experiments with colors, shapes, curves, and composition.

This is a pack of geometric vectors designed in a minimalist graphic manner. The characters are mostly human and the artistic style. It is closer to illustration with more traditional proportions and easily recognized visual situations. Finally, they will look good not only in user interfaces but also as presentation clipart. Illustration are full of bright colors and non-common visual metaphors.

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