Airtm Virtual Card Design

Airtm Virtual Prepaid Card Designs

Airtm Virtual Prepaid Card Design Templates is Sketch freebie. High quality design! 

If you open your wallet now you will find couple of cards, and at least one of them will be a prepaid card for easy access. We’d like to introduce to you today a way that will make the experience of using such a card more interesting with the Airtm virtual prepaid card designs. 

There are nine different prepaid card design templates that successfully capture a youthful attitude with a minimalistic layout and vivid colors. Some of the cards are modest with one dominant color for the users who enjoy simplicity. Other showcase are more complex designs with dark, light and themed artwork. They all represent an essential feature of any type of card  like organized information and texts including the name of the owner, the number of the card and the validity date, which can be easily edited using Sketch. 

All cards are designed in vector shapes for easy precessing! These prepaid cards will fit perfect in your virtual wallet and, hopefully, will keep your savings and your money at all.  

The freebie is free to use it personally and commercially! 


  • Sketch file
  • Size: 518 KB 


  • 9 different templates of virtual prepaid card designs in vectors 

Airtm Virtual Prepaid Card Design for Sketch made 

Enjoy this vector freebie for Sketch!  

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