Data Analysis App Design

Data Analysis App Design for Sketch

Data Analysis App Design is Sketch freebie. High quality design! 

This freebie is a free design of data analysis mobile app and it contains 5 different versions – you can select the version you prefer! As you probably know, the analyzing data process could be very difficult, but with this app you can save time and improve your services. The proper data analysis is very important for any business and with a little help from this app you could see the traffic statistic on your website for the past days, weeks, months or even years. You could see the cash traffic and other tthings that interest you. 

This is an app version of data analysis statistics therefore is suitable for every modern Website analytics interface.

This Sketch freebie can be very helpful in any website or online business. A time-saver and super easy to use! Perfect for your new e-commerce website! 

With this simple design, analyzing data is even easier, you just have to learn how to take advantage of it. Expand and improve your business from your own phone! Enjoy and prosper! 


  • Sketch file
  • Size: 2,63 MB 


  • 5 different versions of the data analysis mobile app

Data Analysis App Design for Sketch made 

Enjoy this freebie for Sketch! 

Feel free to use this in your projects and, of course, for your own website or ecommerce shop! 

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