Galaxy Listing Screen UI

Galaxy Listing Screen UI sketch

Galaxy Listing Screen UI is Sketch freebie.

Since the first moon landing back in 1969, many people imagined that by the beginning of the 21st century, space travel would become routine and that we would be visiting other planets in our solar system and even daring to venture into interstellar space.

Unfortunately, that future has not yet arrived. In fact, some people wonder if more space travel is really necessary because of how expensive it is. Wasn’t going to the Moon good enough?

For those who have always dreamed of humans becoming a true space race, they argue that exploring space provides practical benefits in areas such as health, mining, and safety, with more inspiring benefits too. These are some of the most compelling arguments for continuing space exploration.

If we don’t want to follow the same path as dinosaurs someday, we must protect ourselves from the threat of being hit by a large asteroid, for example.

The illustration design stars have yet to align, but we’re still giving away this galaxy listing screen you can zone out to.
The perfect download if you’re into colourful planet things or want to get into NASA.
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