Healthy Food App UI

Healthy Food App UI

Healthy Food App UI is Sketch freebie.

Everyone in their lives starts a diet at least once. These days, counting calories is very easy. There are many useful websites and apps that help you log your meals and track your intake.

This app tracks your weight and calculates a recommended daily calorie intake. It also contains a well-designed food diary and an exercise log.

Based on your weight, height, age and goals, the app provides a personalized recommendation for calorie intake. It then tracks your calories on the homepage. In addition, it shows your remaining recommended intake and the number of calories you’ve burned by exercising.

The app tracks your progress towards your goals and offers chat forums with fellow users. The forums include conversations, recipes, tips and personal success stories.

Savory helps you reinforce the ideation process of your next mobile food app. Friendly, beautiful and easy to use, this ui kit comes under a trendy and realistic design that allows you to build a powerful food app.
Here are some strong reasons why you should use it:
  • Light Theme
  • Scalable and Easy to Customize
  • Organized Symbols & Overrides
  • Modular Approach Applied
  • Web Safe Fonts
Healthy Food App UI was design
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