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Stack Cartoon Characters is Sketch freebie and contains Illustrator resourcers.

If you want to go far in your career, it’s best to listen to people who are where you want to be-in this case, other successful developers.

These characters will appear in State of Stack – a survey for developers, by developers. They represent different specialties in development (web, mobile, devops, front-end). 

State of Stack allows you to compare your skills with the most desirable skills on the market. We began by preparing surveys in 4 different categories: Frontend, Backend, Mobile and Devops (more categories coming soon). Just fill in the form and see your results.

The idea for creating the State of Stack came from one of our developers – he wanted to advance in his career and to know what skills/technologies would impact him in the upcoming months. There are so many paths you can take with programming right now – it’s exciting to see, whether you’re doing something relevant to current trends or completely out of the mainstream 🙂 

Stack Cartoon Characters was designedBartosz Bak
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