42 Landing page concepts

42 Landing page concepts adobexd free download

42 Landing page concepts is AdobeXD mockup freebie. 

Best design for your modern lifestyle! Firstly, you can increase your productivity with a simple templates . Made a website for managing your personal projects. However, this freebie contains awesome visual features like prototyping, vector editing and fast performance. You will have smart jackpots that you may love anytime and anywhere.

Especially elements that have hints of animation and line-style drawing continue to be popular. Moreover, this web and UI design trend is gaining traction since it feels and looks beautiful, a little whimsical, and unforced. There is a wide selection of artistic elements that are creative, a bit spunky and imaginative. 

Every illustration is made to appear like it was sketched on the screen. Consider telling a story with animation with line-style and  simple illustrations. Illustrations are equally whimsical and the simplistic design helps to focus on the story at hand. 

Clean design exhibits a fun and quirky image to the right of their header and highlights the benefits of their paid service to the left. Their CTA buttons are clearly marked. Therefore tell viewers exactly what they need to do to get the added experiences.

Scrolling down, you’ll find that clean groups site elements into cards. This making their information sleek, easy-to-find, and easy-to-read, while keeping the fun element. Finally, you can see how websites like this one generate a feeling of playful sophistication.

Feel free to use this product to show your projects and presentations!


  • 42 screens
  • Size: 75 MB
  • 3D objects
  • eCommerce suitable
  • Minimalist design

42 Landing page concepts made Tikeshwar Dewangan

Enjoy this template for AdobeXD! It is super useful and easy to use! Be creative and make the perfect home page for your website!

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