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Bestrong Fitness Webdesign adobexd

Bestrong Fitness Webdesign is AdobeXD freebie.

Whether you have a sports team website, a fan website or an online sports magazine site, one thing is certain: your website needs to tell the visitors what they can expect to find and allow sports fans to consume and engage with the content.

A sports website also needs to make it easy for visitors to find important information such as player statistics, match results, game replays, and more. That’s why proper organization is important when it comes to sports websites.

However, proper organization is not the only thing that matters. Your sports website also needs to have an attractive design, be easy to use, and look good no matter what device your visitors are using.

Do you offer fitness classes for your gym business? Perhaps you should consider building your online visibility to showcase how you train and inspire people. Bestrong is a cool example of a simple yet elegant gym website design. The header displays a simple menu like getting started, member sign in and an off-canvas menu. Of course, the stunning banner projects a professional image all the more as it sticks to the header at the center. Moreover, the magnificent random display of imagery in a masonry type makes a striking effect and adds a touch of creativity to the website. What’s more? It also looks interesting to the visitors as it uses the awesome parallax effect.


  • Slider
  • Price plans
  • Mansory post
  • Posts Section
  • Team section
  • Testemonials
  • News Feed
  • Contact Form

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