Calculator App UI Design

Calculator App UI Design for adobe xd

Calculator App UI Design is Adobe Xd freebie.

Calculators doggedly persist into the present day, despite the fact that you can find and use a virtual one in seconds in your browser just by Googling the word ‘calculator’. Once the smartest devices in the room, part of the reason that they’re preferred in school exams now instead of their app-based cousins is that they supposedly prevent cheating precisely. That said, such as the longevity of their design, evolved over many rapid iterations during the 1970s and 80s, that most calculator apps today simply lift their classic layout more or less straight up for their UI, with only a nice facelift and maybe a couple of operator buttons switched around.

It has a modern interface that is user friendly and will charge your creativity with many ideas when approaching your own app design. The template includes display screens, icons, grids, and other design elements. You could see how it looks when you sign out or sign in. This template is perfect for you to start building your calculator and is provided in Adobe XD format.

Also, it has dark and light versions. The neuromorphic design makes the app looks modern. Digits and signs are in different colors for better user experience. AdobeXD makes it easy to customize the app to create impressive projects.

Calculator App UI Design was designedAnkur Tripathi
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