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Dark Theme News Website for AdobeXD

Modern companies try to use a variety of methods and techniques to increase the conversion of their sites. One of the decisive factors is the choice of color. Black website owners should always consider the strong psychological impact that the color scheme of a website has on its visitors.

The color of your website can be an effective marketing tool if used correctly. It can create a positive attitude toward the product and cause positive emotions that encourage a person to make a purchase. When a person first gets to the site, he intuitively perceives the picture as a whole and within the next 1-2 seconds decides whether to stay and study the resource further or close the tab and return to the search.

Dark theme is one of the most requested features over the past few years. Both Apple and Google made a dark theme an essential part of UI. Dark theme’s reduced luminance provides safety in dark environments and can minimize eye strain.

From the author

Hello Folks!

this time I try to explore UI for daily media. The UI is made with a clean and simple concept, easy to use, and comfortable in the user’s eyes.

All of the process I made using Adobe Xd.

Dark Theme News Website freebie was designed by Mikhail Mingalyov

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