Food mobile App UI design

Food mobile app ui kit created with Adobe XD that aims to make identifying and ordering healthy foods effortless

Food mobile app UI design is Adobe Xd freebie.

Food is an important part of our lifestyle. It gets more interesting to have a particular kind of food you crave for at any instance.

This App will help customers place food orders when the need arises using the online wallet or card. And also, help restaurants reach a wider market.

The menu shows actual positions and special offers that the restaurant or service has at the moment. Users may see item photos and basic data on ingredients and weight. Color accents highlight price and calls-to-action for quick scanning. What’s more, the system of filters at the top of the screen enables a user to customize the search and find a needed position faster. Finally, Its layers are well-organized, named, and grouped, which allows fast customization. Fonts are free and available via Google Fonts.

Food mobile app UI design was designed
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