Minimal Medical App

minimalist medical health app adobe xd

Minimal Medical App is Adobe Xd freebie.

As we all know, technology has made several advances in the past decades. It changed the way we communicate with each other, how we acquire products and interact with services in general. One of the areas with the most progress in this shift was healthcare.

is an app that connects patients with their caregivers, care managers, as well as their family and friends. Our front-end development and UI/UX design teams, worked together to ensure that the app could be used across all platforms and in many different contexts, answering to a specific challenge.

What makes it great is its clarity and intuitiveness that don’t leave room for doubt. Also, it takes into true consideration the user – being a caregiver requires attention to detail. It requires that one takes care of another person – to be able to read between the lines, understanding not only what the person says but how it acts. Besides that, keeping notes of pills’ prescriptions, doctor’s appointments and everyday symptoms aren’t easy to track.

This App is a UI Kit for keeping a healthy lifestyle mobile app. You can quickly build an app with a full needed feature like recording and analyzing your body health index such as heart rate, blood glucose, body dehydration, BMI, etc.

It is really convenient that you can create a balanced lifestyle pattern by recording the nutrition you absorb, water intake, and suggest the recipe that suitable for you.

All the information is displayed clear and easy to understand through dashboards that are customized by users.

Minimali Medical App was designed by Hend Elgohary

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