Smartwatch UI Kit

Smartwatch UI Kit

Smartwatch UI Kit is Adobe Xd freebie.

The sketchy beginnings of the smartwatch phenomenon promoted a passionate debate about the role of design in the overall success of the product. This debate included two major design components: the appearance of the gadget and the design of its interface.

Smartwatch manufacturers have spent considerable time refining both the internal and external design of the gadget. Did you know that Apple actually hired the top executives of Yves Saint Laurent AND Burberry just to talk about the design of the Apple Watch?

But more than its appeal on the consumers’ fashion sense, the more important aspect of the design this gadget needs is a unique interface. A modern smartwatch UI must showcase how much better it is operating both of its new and current features.

A FREE and comprehensive UI Kit for smartwatch designs, made with and for Adobe XD. The UI kit comes with more than 20 customizable components and more than 30 customizable icons, all organized into six different prototype flows. This UI kit is free to use for both personal and commercial projects. 

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