Taxi Service App UI Kit

Taxi Service App UI Kit

Taxi Service App UI Kit is an Adobe XD resource.

These days nobody use their own car for transportation anymore. That’s why car sharing platforms get so famous. But the old good alternative that taxi offers is always useful. Today we share with you a new UI Kit that will help you create clean and functional app. 

It’s driver app that acts as a companion with its user-friendly UI and advanced features like real-time navigation. Also, can use offline or just check your income and expenses. This introduces a dramatic new look for design. It’s thoughtfully designed to make every element on the screen easier on your eyes. The team improve its experience on mobile, to not only meet the baseline, but to exceed.

Simple login interface. Moreover, it uses all of the services by using your number to login. The driver enters their personal information to create an account. They can add a bank account to help customers pay even without cash.

The app has just 3 screens: Personal Information, Documents Uploaded, and Bank Account or Payment Details. The app helps drivers find trips easily. It also has a stats feature. Drivers can now easily keep track of how much they earn.

Taxi Service App UI Kit was designed Azar Nemanli

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