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Tech Product Webdesign is Adobe Xd freebie.

IE-commerce landing pages mainly sell physical goods and serve the sole goal of motivating visitors to take advantage of an offer. Though, the offer alone is not enough to convert leads into buying customers. When designing a landing page for an e-commerce business, you need to include specific elements such as a headline, hero shot, social proof and call-to-action button to capture the attention. These elements will offer all the information your audience needs to act on your offer. Still other companies create delightful product pages that give users an authentic experience as they browse through what the company has to offer.

However, product pages are not given as much love and attention as they should. Many companies are investing an awful lot of time and resources into A/B testing different layouts and user experience. After all, they are perhaps the most crucial conversion point on any eCommerce retailer’s online store.

This is an entirely simplistic product page design. It is an ideal for webmasters looking for handsome and functional landing page website. Vertical and horizontal visual scrolling effects are available. Also has superb performance and visual appeal across all platforms. Such as devices, operating systems and browsers, making your reach truly universal.

Free XD file download HERE.

Tech Product Webdesign designed

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