Reservation App

reservation app xd template ui design

Reservation App is  Adobe Xd freebie.

Hotel & Cafe Booking is an app that helps users find and book travel. Also, lodging and restaurant options match their input preferences. The app is both functional – used for booking reservations. And informative – allowing users to explore and learn about new locations.
It expresses with attention to visual and motion details. Moreover, it creates an experience that feels tailor-made to the user.
Along with this, the app provides a variety of filters to customize content so it’s relevant to the user.

It provides clean login page. Also available google or facebook account use. Home screen has 3 sections: search bar, services available and top places. You can add places to your favourites list.

To make it easy for users to understand this flexibility, they have to use the tabs component. Changing to preferences or filters immediately update content. For example, when a user is looking for a hotel, they input information such as destination and dates on the dropdowns. After inputting this information, places that fit their preferences are shown in sliders tabs. Finally, app presenting options in a way that is both bold and classy, direct but respectful.

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