Auction Dashboard UI

Auction Dashboard UI Kit AdobeXD

Auction Dashboard UI Kit is Adobe Xd freebie.

Dashboard design is a very popular tool among businesses these days. They want a simple way to present vital information, reveal trends and risky areas, and so much more. So, what is actually a dashboard? The best way to describe it by saying it is a preview of crucial information vital for the user and simple enough for him to navigate to areas that captivate his attention.

It is aimed to develop firms by contacting customer sales. Also, it is a work for Ui/Ux designs to develop. Modul Design covers dynamic data fields that customers can edit. You can find Avenir font inside the folder. The theme contains pastel colors and dominant colors together. You can save as much as you like in the library.

It provides vector elements so they’re easily scalable and adjustable to whichever screen size you’re utilizing. More importantly, it has a fantastic organization of all these elements, including social media, news, e-commerce, dashboard, and stats app. Almost every aspect of the element can be changed – color, font, form, and size – so it can fit any type of dashboard vision. With just the right amount of information per dashboard, the overall impression is very positive due to its simplicity. 

Auction Dashboard UI Kit was designed
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