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Food Orders Dashboard UI Kit Figma free download

Food Orders Dashboard UI Kit is Figma freebie. High-quality design! 

Dashboard design is a very popular tool among businesses these days. They want a simple way to present vital information, reveal trends and risky areas, and so much more. So, what is actually a dashboard? The best way to describe it by saying it is a preview of crucial information vital for the user and simple enough for him to navigate to areas that captivate his attention.

The main goal is to create a modern and useful UI. This project is showing how to combine functionality and how to be easy for users in one system.Each screen design is in a way so that the application will be intuitive and easy for the user and effective for business purposes.

The food system is the complex network of people and activities involved in getting food from field to fork. It includes everybody – and everything – involved in producing and eating food. Food systems are essential to human well-being, because they affect people’s diets, nutrition, and health.

The Food Systems Dashboard combines data from multiple indicators, or measures, to give users a complete view of food systems. Also users can compare components of food systems across countries and regions. They can also identify and prioritize ways to sustainably improve diets and nutrition in their food systems.

This UI kit about Food Point of sale with dark mode (light mode is will added soon). Consist of 4 pages : Homepage, Dashboard page, Payment page and Setting page. You will get:

  1. Organized layer using Figma autolayout.
  2. 4 Screen for darkmode (more screens and light mode will added soon).
  3. Using component, text styles and color styles.
  4. Using Google Font (Barlow) & icon from Iconly.
  5. All images from
  6. Easy to modify.
  7. Elegant and structured design.

Food Orders Dashboard UI Kit made Chlorophyll Lab

Enjoy this freebie! 

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