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Eggplore UI StyleGuide

Eggplore UI StyleGuide

Eggplore UI StyleGuide is Sketch and Figma freebie. High-quality design! 

This style guide is typically generated in Sketch (and Figma) based on symbols and reusable elements created during the design phase. The UI kit contains many colors in different ranges. These colors make the look very stylish. It also contains different types of typography, depending on the type of text you want to create. In the components section, you will find many types of buttons (large, small), some input forms, markers, avatars, tooltips, sliders and many other things that are useful for your website. In the iconography section you will see small icons (16px/24px) and big icons (48px/64px).  And, of course, in the UI elements, you can control the in-app alerts, the tap bars, the navigation bars, the contact lists and the chat boxes.  Your new website will look just perfect!

This UI Kit is made just for you and, of course, for your projects and design ideas! Your brand will take on a whole new professional look and will be stylish and eye-catchy. 


  • 1 Sketch file
  • 1 Figma file
  • Size: 15,4 MB (Sketch file) and 16,2MB (Figma file)

Eggplore UI StyleGuide made tmrw.

Enjoy this UI kit for Sketch and for Figma! It will definitely improve the vision of your app or website! Be fresh! 

Download freebie for Figma

Download freebie for Sketch

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