Sketch Smart Layout Kit

Sketch Smart Layout Kit sketch free download

Sketch Smart Layout Kit is a Sketch freebie.

A good dashboard design has a stunning visual design, a clear layout, and an intuitive way of presenting data. It makes a website/app stand out and helps users take quick action or navigate more quickly.

However, as designers of these websites/apps, designing an effective admin dashboard design is not as easy as one might think.

Smart Layout is a new function since Sketch 58. This feature makes Symbols much more powerful. Also, you may set a direction of Symbol or nested symbols (and groups) within that Symbol.

Elements with Smart Layout:

  • Basic Button
  • Button with Smart Content
  • Dropdown Menu
  • Card
  • Modal Popup

This template you can use to manage and visualize the content of your business. Though, it comes with a huge number of components, combined colors, beautiful typography, and graphics. Moreover, it has a modular design, which allows it to be easily customized and built upon.

It will load faster and deliver a better user experience. Interfaces and web applications suit all the kits to dashboard users. Finally, you can use it to organize your data with its dashboards variants, widgets, complete form versions, auth pages, tables, etc.

Alternative link for Download HERE!

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