Video Player Webdesign UI

Video Player Webdesign UI is a AdobeXD freebie. 

According to statistics, video traffic accounts for almost 70% of all global consumer internet traffic. Video content increases average time on a webpage nearly twice and boosts up conversions on landing pages by 80%. How impressive is that? And how beneficial can it be for your business?

Whatever strategy you have – whether you want to provide the audience with as much information as possible or you want to monetize your project via advertisement and marketing tricks – video content will help you to accomplish your mission. It is here where the importance of choosing the right video player for website comes to the fore.

Youtube has 1 billion monthly active users which is about one third of the number of internet users worldwide, making it the second largest search engine after Google. 70% of these users watch Youtube through their mobile devices, with the average mobile viewing session lasting more than 40 minutes.

Video player for website is a compact program that consists of two parts. The inner part is for developers to customize the component to their needs. Whereas, the outer part is for regular onlookers. It includes essential instruments -such as play button, pause button, mute, and others – to get them in the driver’s seat. You can delineate two types of video players for websites: flash video player and HTML5 media player.

This mockup will give a fresh accent to your website. Easy to edit texts and elements it’s the best choice. The exclusive vision with blurry background is very modern.

Video Player Webdesign UI made Leonid Tsvetkov

Enjoy this UI freebie for AdobeXD! It is super useful! It’s easy to use and will be super helpful for you!

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