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Ad Network App adobe xd app design

Ad Network App is Adobe Xd freebie.

Advertisement App is advertising network, helping website owners, traffic sources, and networks monetize their global mobile and web inventory.

It has a push notification service to drive more traffic. The app’s showing a notification on the user’s screen about the latest content or services on the site which might interest him/her. Also, publisher earnings are credited using an automated system to avoid manual error and delay.

Just like any ad network publishers with traffic from top-tier countries. However, it is also open for websites with non-English traffic and content, for both desktop and mobile platforms.

From standard banner ads to responsive rich-media ads, Esh’har Advertisement App has many ad formats for publishers to choose from.

Enter your personal details, contact information, and website details to access the dashboard.

Publishers choose the payment methods from the available options and notification settings. Upon reviewing the terms and conditions, the publisher gets to access the dashboard.  There you will see your ads clicks. Ads can be sorted by category, location or keyword.

Ad Network App was designMak Akasha
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