Data Table Figma UI

Data Table Design System for Figma

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Jump start your workflow with UI Prep’s Data Table Design System.  This kit includes everything you need to start designing beautiful tables that follow UX/UI best practices.

Easy to create, customize and scale designs. All table components are built with atomic elements & saved styles so creating new tables and making design updates is quick and easy.

Getting started is quick & easy! Included is a Quick Start Guide & tooltips to help you customize, edit, and scale your designs.

Download free data table figma UI assets for your next web design with Figma.

What’s included?

The download includes a Figma design file (.fig) with the following:

Atomic Base Elements

  • Toggles & switches: 7
  • Icons: 35
  • Container shapes: 4
  • Division line styles: 4

Table Components

  • Row cell styles: 5
  • Header cell styles: 4
  • Columns (row densities): 3
  • Pagination styles: 2
  • Avatars styles: 3
  • Badge styles: 2

Saved Styles

  • Typography: 6
  • Colors: 30
  • Elevations: 2

Clear Documentation

  • Example tables: 9

Quick Start Guide and Tooltips 

Helpful information for new and experienced designers to get the most out of the system!

Data Table Figma UI freebie was designed by UI Prep

Download freebie
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