Figma Wireframe UI Kit

Figma Wireframe UI Kit free
Figma Wireframe UI Kit is a Figma freebie. 

Web design is not only about visual aesthetics. It is also about functionality and usability – after all, your visitors don’t like to look on your website, just like what we do on a painting or picture; they also use it! So, it is important you take care of your website’s usability just like how you take care of its visual aesthetics.

Wireframing helps you achieve this purpose. A wireframe is a visual guide for web designers to see the skeletal structure of their website. It pretty much resembles blueprints that architects use.

Wireframes are important because this is how you communicate your ideas to your team, client, or even to yourself – you don’t want to get lost in your ideas, after all.

This is a really useful wireframing tool. Although its symbols can be imported into Figma, sometimes, it’s smoother to just use a wireframe kit made specifically for a particular tool. Thankfully, has Figma components that are easy to use and customize. It offers light and dark themes, with more than 330 layouts. This is fantastic for web prototyping. It’s even compatible with Sketch, Photoshop, and XD. You can change and resize elements, making Sections one of the most comprehensive wireframing kits out there.

Metrics Dashboard UI Kit made 

Enjoy this freebie! 

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