To-Do List App UI Kit

To-Do List App UI Kit figma free download

To-Do List App UI Kit is Figma freebie.

This app is a program that will help you a lot. Also, its idea is to organize all your tasks. Each of us has endless to-do lists in our heads. Now is the time to organize them. Make it quick and easy.

Stop the chaos around you. All this is at the tip of your fingers. Moreover, with just a few clicks, you add a new note. First, you choose a name. Then you add a subtitle that easily navigates the subject. Cool extra is the hashtags. They allow you to quickly search for any task. For more visibility with different colors. You can also add comments at any time. Each screen is in a different color, which makes your experience much more exciting. Tasks are in the form of cards that slide endlessly. You add new tasks by the big round button with +. What’s more, the beautiful design complements by exquisite graphics.

Yes, many apps offer many of the same features but are these features useful for you? Do all these apps offer the level of assistance you need to keep your life on track?

My Tasks App UI Kit was designedLorenzo Perniciaro
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