Pills Tracker App Design

Pills Tracker App Design figma

Pills Tracker App Design is Figma mockup freebie. 

As we all know, technology has made several advances in the past decades. It changed the way we communicate with each other, how we acquire products and interact with services in general. One of the areas with the most progress in this shift was healthcare.

This app contains reminders for your daily medications intake, shows your scheduled activities such as walking, swimming or any other physical activity. You can keep on track your heartbeat and your blood pressure. Our health is the most important thing and we must take care of it. We need daily physical activity and good food for our health.

This app design is made with perfect colors and clean layout. You can connect it with your medical device like your health band or any other wearable device. Be healthy and be active!


  • 1 Figma file
  • 8 Screens
  • Size: 5,6 MB

Feel free to use this freebie for your personal projects!

Pills Tracker App Design for Figma made Sasha

Enjoy this UI freebie for Figma! It is super useful! You can keep on track your daily routine – how much you walked today, how much you swam, whether you took your medication, how was your blood pressure.

From the author

“I’m pleased to introduce you to a free interface for tracking your medications. Clean and minimalistic, highlighted by CGI illustrations that make the interface even more stylish.”

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