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A glance at the headlines proves why you need one of the best weather apps on your smartphone. Weather is more unpredictable than ever, and a weather app can tip you off to what conditions will be like when you leave your home, whether that’s now or later. Many apps even take advantage of notifications to let you know if there’s a big storm coming that you need to prepare for.

You can go with the pre-installed weather app that comes on your phone, but it’s worth heading to your app store of choice to see if there’s a third-party option that’s better suited to your needs. You can find apps that offer more extensive data, longer forecasts or even radar images of weather patterns.

Beyond a doubt, mobile applications are really popular these days, some of them, indispensable. Aside from a good idea or a really easy to use interface, an attractive app design is also very important. When it comes to weather apps in particular, that design has to both be visually well-presented, and accurate.

The app provide 3D similar design. On the main screen you see your location, current weather and a small bar with weather additional info details. On the bottom there is Next 7 Days weather. The whole design is in purple and white. Only condition icons are colorful and has realistic volume. In the next screen you see more details about next days.

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