Weather App – Demo

Multifunctional Weather App Demo

Multifunctional Weather App is Sketch freebie. High quality design! 

We always talk about weather everyday, and now we can have a nice weather UI design in our phone! This is a free sample from a multifunctional weather app with a clean and crisp design ready to use. Suitable for iOS and Android. 

You want to know what the weather wil be today? Or tomorrow? If you are traveling soon and want to know what clothes do you need this is your app! Not only can you see what the weather is going to be, but also the humidity, the visibility, the preassure and the UV index! This is a UI design for weather app made for Sketch.

The design is very simple, yet very clean an eye-catchy, and has 2 background colors – dark grey and white. Added a blue button, give it more soft and contrast button so grab these UI views from this weather app, they’re free. 

And if you want the full version of the app with all views you can let the designer know in the comments of his post in dribbble.


  • Sketch file
  • Size: 2,96 MB 


  • 1 demo version of weather app with 2 different backgrounds

Multifunctional Weather App Demo Version for Sketch made 

Enjoy this UI Kit freebie for Sketch! 

Feel free to write to the designer for the full version of this weather app! 

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