Figma Autolayout Kit

Figma Autolayout Kit is a Figma freebie. High-quality design!

The original Figma auto layout was released in 2019. Already a nice feature but to be honest, I did not use it too much in my everyday work except on the obvious button or main menu. My main reason was that it went a bit crazy with responsive constraints which I use a lot. Now, this has changed for sure with the latest release in November 2020.

Auto Layout is one of the most important features in Figma, with a versatility that sets it apart from the ones in other design tools. In brief, it allows you to structure components and frames in a way that can automatically grow, making the container adapt to the size of its contents, or the other way around.

Being such a flexible feature, it also has its complexity and limitations. It can be a bit hard to understand how it works, specially at the beginning. It’s also difficult, initially, to get predictable results without so many attempts, and trial and error.

Here’s a great new concept of an auto layout component library designed in Figma. It is easy to use and allows you to customize, restyle, and organize components for your specific needs. There are many styles to chose from and hundreds components.

It also comes with a step to step guide, helpful plugins & tips. Feel free to use this freebie resource for your project ideas. 

Figma Autolayout Kit was designed by Michał Jarosz

Enjoy this UI Kit freebie! It will definitely improve the look of your design project!

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