Apple Coin App Design

Apple Coin

Apple Coin App Design is Figma mockup freebie. 

First: what is this? Applecoin is a cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency is a hot topic right now, both in and outside the tech world. With interest and awareness growing, so is the attraction to crypto. Many see it as an investment, but is anyone actually buying anything with it? It’s currency after all, and you buy things with currency.

With the latest technologies you have the opportunity to pay with crypto in shops, cafes and others. This cryptocurrency allows people send cash one to another and it doesn’t charge a fee.

With this app design, you can keep track of your weekly activity and in the statistics section, you can get information about the latest operations – the ups and downs of your money. The design is in white, pink and purple. Which makes the entire interface clear, balanced, simple and stylish with good usability.


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Feel free to use this freebie for your personal project ideas!

Apple Coin App Design for Figma made Maxim Moskalenko

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Enjoy this freebie for Figma! It has a modern interface that is user friendly and will charge your creativity with many ideas when approaching your own wallet design. Start with Apple Coin now!

From the autor

“The latest technologies will give you the opportunity to pay with crypto in cafes, shops, etc. “

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