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Car Comparison App Design is Adobe Photoshop freebie.

The automobile industry has come far from its car magazine and TV advertisements. Nowadays many of today’s luxury car manufacturers have visual-laden and impressive automotive apps designed to make you sign on the dotted line in a heartbeat for your next car.

Whether you are at the site to check out the safety features, fuel consumption, engine specs and new functions of the latest model, or just to marvel at the exterior and interior of the car model of your choice, the websites make you stay and look around.

From apps to help you catalog your second hand items, to helpful guides on how to make the most of your car. This ecommerce app is good if you want to find out what vehicle will fits well in your ifestyle. You’ll also find useful advice cataloged in projects or you can add your own. You can bid for a car or just save it in your favourites list.

Compare multiple cars of your choice and find the car that best suits you with this car comparison app.

We have used a clean and eye-catching interface with a perfect color scheme: all interfaces we have designed with interactive color contrasts between red and white, which attracts the users.

The pure background allows the user to focus on car comparison like prices, car specification, and etc. The search interface also enables users to compare the cars with simple clicks.

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