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Crypto Wallet App Design

Crypto Wallet App Design for Sketch and Figma

Crypto Wallet App Design for Sketch and Figma.

Whollet is a comprehensive crypto wallet UI kit we created as a way to give back to the blockchain community. Our team from MVP Workshop gathered the best practices (some of which were developed by us) for you to use and customize freely. You may recognize many UI elements, as many projects such as Coinbase, Argent, Celsius, and others are using similar information architecture and interaction patterns.

Crypto Wallet UI Kit

Typography and colors are built as text styles and color components, so that you can consistently use them in your project. To use your own fonts with custom styles, update them under the appearance section. 

It is easy to edit all the icons, colors and general styles of the elements. Just select the component you would like to edit, and change its style.

In conclusion, Crypto Wallet UI Kit is a completely FREE resource for product developers / UI designers all over the world who want to use and help develop standardized crypto wallet interactions and design patterns.


  • 70+ screens
  • 130+ symbols
  • 12 layouts


  • 01 – Getting Started
  • 02 – Components
  • 03 – Onboarding
  • 04 – Login and Sign Up
  • 05 – First Time In-App
  • 06 – KYC
  • 07 – Wallet
  • 08 – Side Menu
  • 09 – Deposit
  • 10 – Withdraw
  • 11 – Send Crypto to a Friend
  • 12 – Exchange
  • 13 – Profile and Settings
  • 14 – Toast Notifications
  • Symbols

From the author

“In short, Whollet is modern, clean, and easy to implement UI kit, ready to be used in your next crypto wallet project. It supports both Android and iOS and is available for download in Sketch and Figma.

Based on experience from many different designers in the industry, we have created various different layouts to help you bring your next project to life. You can find layouts that cover flows like KYC, Depositing, Withdrawing, Exchanging, Transaction tracking, and many more…”

Crypto Wallet App Design was designed

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