Nile Dashboard and UI Kit

Nile Dashboard and UI Kit figma free

Nile Dashboard and UI Kit is a Figma freebie. High-quality design! 

When it comes to web design, the devil is in the details. Icons and buttons play an important role in the design of a website or app. It could mean the difference between a good user experience versus a clunky one. For designers, finding a good user interface kit is like finding treasure. It’s akin to a geologist finding a really cool rock in his backyard.

Comprehensive design system featuring modular components to help build consistent, high-quality and performant web apps.

Figma empowered Nile Dashboard to deliver a truly customizable design system, with all components supporting Auto Layout and Combined Components so that you can easily make your Dashboard truly yours with countless variants available.

Nile Dashboard isn’t just a modern and beautiful user-interface, we have also crafted each component to deliver better user-experience, we did that by researching industry-leading enterprise standards and we built components and layouts that grants the demands of these enterprises, so you don’t have to think about it.

The Design System and its components are all built and connected to a style guideline, that once you update, the entire design is changed for your own brand.

Key Features

  • Systemate the core, from the grid, spacing, typography, coloring all the way to components and layouts.
  • An atomic design system, with modular components that are highly unique and yet, deeply integrated within the system.
  • Uses a simple yet powerful coloring system, that is available in both, light and dark modes for easy theming.
  • With a carefully picked coloring system, has logical categories , you can easily change the palette to reflect your brand style across the design.
  • The design system is built upon a typography system, that allows you to easily customize content and headlines as well as font types across the design.
  • Spacing and sizes were all built using the 4pt baseline grid standard to ensure consistent scaling and spacing across the design system.

Nile Dashboard and UI KIt made 

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