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Figma Free Mobile Templates - 1682 components

Figma App Design Template Prototype

Duplicate this free Figma design templates. Will help you to learn 8dp grid and proper constraints to deliver responsiveness to your app layouts. Made with material design system for Figma. Dedicated to accelerate your business and speed up the development time. Figma Free Mobile & Web UI is free for all.


  • 1682 components total as team library for Figma.
  • Dedicated to speed up your development by up to 50%!
  • Developed within nested architecture for one-click customization
  • Guided with descriptive documentation / onboarding
  • Made to fit for both of desktop & mobile applications
  • Material guidelines followed + custom design modules
  • Perfect organized for quick prototyping using Figma ‘Instance’ features

Figma Free Mobile & Web UI freebie was designed 

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