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Product Page Template is Adobe Xd freebie.

If you look at how product pages take shape across different companies, it’s clear they run the gamut. Some go for the direct approach, displaying an image of a product and explaining why someone should buy it.

Other companies create elaborate pages with moving parts and fancy, interactive elements.

Still other companies create delightful product pages that give users an authentic experience as they browse through what the company has to offer.

However, product pages are not given as much love and attention as they should. Many companies are investing an awful lot of time and resources into A/B testing different layouts and user experience. After all, they are perhaps the most crucial conversion point on any eCommerce retailer’s online store.

This is an entirely simplistic product page design. There is a clear focus on the product itself, just as you would expect. But, interestingly, far less of an emphasis on the price. It is evident that these guys are selling by creating a desire for the product itself, and when you can portray this to your audience, the price becomes a secondary consideration.

Understand what the one thing is that matters the most to your audience and emphasize it.

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